Cool Theatre Items You May Not Know About

Like any area of interest, imaginative people are constantly creating GaffGuningenious items to make our lives easier, and theatre is no exception.  In my time in theatre, I’ve come across some cool theatrical items that you may not know about.  Check these out (all images are clickable)!

1. GaffGun

Keep your cables neat and organized with the GaffGun.  This bad boy will make short work of taping down cords, taking only 10% of the time that it takes to do it manually.  No more sore knees and back, bunched up tape, or trip hazards!  It has small, medium, and large cable guides, and also works to tape down rope, extension cords, and air hoses.  As far as gaff tape is GaffTech Tapeconcerned, you can either purchase GaffTech’s tape with CoreLock technology in order to get the most consistent results or you can purchase an adapter kit.

2. Light Source Mega Combo Wrench

If you work with theatrical lighting, then here’s a tool to make your job a bit easier.  The Light Source Mega Combo Wrench, pictured in blue,  is a small, lightweight tool that you can clip onto a lanyard.  It has an angled handle that will prevent you from banging your knuckles.

4. Setwear Glove Clip

Whether you’re working with lights or rigging, having your gloves handy is important.  The Setwear Glove Clip will allow you to securely attach your gloves to your belt.  Then when you’re done for the day, easily remove them from your belt and the clip easily snaps onto your bag, keeping your gloves together and easily accessible.

5. SetWear Hot Hand, Heat Resistant Leather Gloves

Every time you go to focus a light, it is going to be hot.  Gloves are fantastic for not burning your hands.  Also, if you’re working rigging, a pair of snug fitting, padded gloves will save you from getting rope burn or wearing blisters on your hands and help with your grip.

These 100% leather gloves by SetWear were designed for high heat situations such as lighting, rated for up to 250•C and 482•F.  Measure your hand prior to ordering to insure that you get a proper fitting glove.  They are quite durable and can also be used for lighting, rigging, rappelling, belaying, and much more.

6. Tool Leash

This tool lanyard is perfect for keeping hold of your tools while working on the grid, fly loft, balcony rail, or catwalk.  With a 15 lb working limit, you won’t have to worry about dropping your wrench anymore.

7. Gaffer Tape Lanyard

This 24″ tape lanyard will keep Gaff and Spike tape accessible, giving you the extra hand that you need while working on stage or set.

8. 1/2″ Glow Gaff

Glow tape tends to be overpriced and too glossy for my taste. 1/2″ Glow Gaff is the perfect solution: residue free, no sheen, and easy removal.

In Conclusion

The ingenious products that people create never ceases to amaze me.  If you’re a gadget junkie like me, you’ll love these tools.  I can’t wait to see what new tools are out that I have yet to discover.

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