White Rabbit Hat Tutorial

Sometimes we just find ourselves needing a costume for a White Rabbit. Maybe it’s because of an upcoming production of Alice in Wonderland or possibly fulfilling a cosplay need… Either way, I’ve got a super easy White Rabbit Hat tutorial.

Deluxe Black Magician Butler Formal Costume Top Hat


  • black top hat (All I had on hand when I did this project was a stovepipe hat, so I had to tuck the extra in and do a simple stitch to hold it in place.  However, in an upcoming tutorials I’ll teach you how to make your own top hat out of some fabric, cardboard, & glue).
  • rabbit ear headband
  • red ribbon
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors

Step 1: The Ears

Cut the ears off of the headband.  Use a little hot glue to seal them closed at the bottom where you cut them off.  Then determine where you want the ears on the hat and hot glue them into place.  I made sure that it was down against the rim so that I could easily hide where it attached with the ribbon.

Step 2: Pulling it all together

Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to go around the hat and ears.  Make sure that the ribbon overlaps slightly (in the back so it’s less conspicuous).  I also turned the edge of the ribbon under before I glued it so that it had a finished edge.  Now hot glue the ribbon into place so that it won’t move around or fall off.  Again, the ribbon will help to hide where you’ve attached your ears.

In Conclusion

That’s really all there is to this project.  It was quick, simple, and looked great!  Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to make an oversized pocket watch that’s a necessary accessory if you’re creating a costume for Alice in Wonderland’s white rabbit.


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