Big, Fancy Goblets

When I was putting on the production of Addams Family, I wanted really big, fancy goblets for the dinner scene.  In reality, I couldn’t afford what I wanted, so here’s what I did…


  • glass candle sticks from the dollar store
  • clean, empty butter bowls (or whatever kind you have readily available)
  • E-6000
  • Silver Spray Paint (or another color, if you prefer)

Step 1: 

Place the bowl upside down on the table (You won’t be needing the lid.).  Apply a generous amount of E-6000 to the top of the candlestick.  It doesn’t have to be so much that it gushes out from all around it, but you want a permanent adhesion.  Then turn the candlestick upside down onto the center of the butter bowl.  The weight of the candlestick will help hold it in place as it dries overnight.

Step 2: 

Apply a light coat of spray paint to both the bowl and candlestick.  Don’t get too much on it for two reasons: If you put too much spray paint on plastic, it will melt your plastic (You can guess how I figured out this bit of information.). Also, putting too much paint on at a time will cause you to have drips running down your goblet, ruining the finish.  Wait about ten minutes between coats until you have a pretty solid coat.  Then you’ll want to flip it over and get the bottom of it so that when the actor picks it up onstage, it has a cohesive look.

Eastland Clear Taper Candle Holder 4″ Set of 12


  • Not all of my candlesticks and bowls were the same, but once I had it all put together, it didn’t really matter.  The colors scheme of the goblets pulled it all together, and your candlestick choice can give each goblet an individual and interesting look.  In the end, it all looked nice as part of my tablescape.
  • You might be able to find some additional, inexpensive candlesticks at garage sales or thrift stores like Goodwill.
  • I used the same technique for the Addams Family Sacred Chalice, only using a bigger and taller candlestick and bowl.  Additionally, I added gems around it for extra pizzazz, however, as most people who produce this show find out, the chalice did not survive.  I may still have the remnants of it somewhere, albeit hot glued back together.  If and when I find it, I’ll upload a picture.

That’s pretty much it.  It was a simple project that added some flare to my stage setting.  Hope it works out well for you, too!

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