Shotgun Shell Prop Tutorial

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Shotgun Shell Prop Tutorial

Shotgun Shell Prop supplies

If you’re needing shotgun shell props for a show or a cosplay, this is one of the quickest, simplest props that I’ve ever created.  After having my students work in their interactive notebooks,  I had an abundance of empty Glue Sticks and was curious as to what I could create from them.  It occurred to me that glue sticks look remarkably like shotgun shells.


Step 1: Paint

Begin by separating the cap from the stick.  Then you’ll want to paint the long portion burgundy.  While this dries, spray paint the caps gold.  Once dry, add a dab of E-6000 into the cap and put the two pieces back together.

Shotgun Shell Prop

*Pro Tip: Spray painting in a shoe box will help control your over spray.  It will also help contain round objects that might roll.  The box is also handy for keeping your project together.

Step 2: Details

To give the shotgun shell a bit of detail, with a cloth, rub a small amount of Black Shoe Polish into the grooves and onto the shaft.

Step 3: Optional Details

Another detail that you can add is a washer to the cap using E-6000.  If you choose to do this, do so before painting.  Also, for the open end of the glue stick, prior to painting, you can cut a circle from cardboard to insert and hot glue into place.

In Conclusion

I hope that this shotgun shell prop tutorial has been inspiring and comes out as quickly and easily for you as it did for me.  Happy prop making!

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