Thespian Point Record Spreadsheet

Automated Thespian Point Record Spreadsheet

Automated Thespian Point Record Spreadsheet

One of the most challenging tasks for me as a Thespian Troupe Director was constantly retrieving my students Thespian Point Records, having them update them, and checking to make sure that their points added up correctly.  After about a decade of this, I had finally had enough and came up with a solution for automating the process.  My solution?  A Thespian Point Record Spreadsheet created using Google Sheets.

Thespian Point Spreadsheet

My spreadsheet essentially has the same set up as the paper Thespian Point Record, but it tallies all of the points for me.  I have also blocked students out of areas that they don’t need to type in so that they can’t accidentally mess up certain information (their member id number, honor status, and point tally).  Another great thing about the point record?  Once the students follow my steps below for setting up their point record, they can access them to update them whenever they need without me having to keep up with and give them a physical sheet of paper.  Plus, no more making paper copies of Thespian Point Records or the explanation sheet!  I added the directions and the point explanations as tabs on the spreadsheet.  I really can’t tell you how much this has freed up my time!

Student Access

I post my spreadsheet in Google Classroom.  If you have a web page for your class, you can also post a shareable link.  You will need to make your copy view only so that you have a constant copy that can’t be changed.  The first thing that you’ll want your students to do is make a copy of it.  The next thing they need to do is include their name in the title of the page.  If they don’t do this, it will make sorting and finding their file very difficult.  The next step is for them to type in their information (name, mailing address, email address, phone number, etc.) into the appropriately labeled boxes.

Retrieving & Maintaining Student Records

Once students have completed these tasks, I have them turn their Record in to their Google Classroom.  They can “share” it with you, but I get a ridiculous amount of email. Since Google Classroom automatically puts them into a file for you, it further automates the process, making it much easier to keep up with 100-200 point records at a time.

Once students have submitted their Record, they may have to request access to edit.  Next, students type in any points that they may have earned.  If you work in a high school, you won’t need any information prior to the beginning of their 9th grade year.  You will need to explain the importance of typing in all of the pertinent information such as play titles, playwright names, and performance dates. I periodically check their Records to make sure that they filling in the production information correctly.  I usually type in red anything that they need to correct.  This makes it easy for me to see when they’ve corrected it, after which I change the font back to black if they haven’t already.

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If you are tired of keeping up with paper Records, I highly recommend trying the Thespian Point Record Spreadsheet.  Simply make a copy of my spreadsheet for your own use.  I periodically update it as I find ways to make it even better, so be sure to check back for updates.

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