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Coloring Fun, Theatre Style

People of all ages experience stress, regardless of occupation, marital status, family makeup, religion, wealth, etc. Don’t let stress get the best of you; everyone needs stress relief… an outlet, a way to wind down after a long or difficult day, whether it’s with coloring, working out, or curling up on the couch watching your favorite black and white classic movie.  It’s nice to be able to incorporate a little theatrical fun into our downtime.

Coloring to Relieve Stress

Coloring has been praised by psychologists as therapeutic and great for relaxation, effectively engaging the the parts of the brain responsible for creativity and logic while simultaneously relaxing the amygdala, which regulates emotions. That’s right folks; it’s not just entertainment; it’s healthy for you as well.  With a seemingly unlimited selection of coloring supplies to choose from, you’ll find your Zen in no time!  It’s no wonder that marketers have latched onto the craze.  I’m even more excited that they’ve created Broadway inspired colors and designs.  I’ve found some interesting crayons, colored pencils, and adult coloring books perfect for the theatre enthusiast!


Broadway Show Themed Colors have titles straight out of Briadway shows such as 1.The Blood of Angry Men – Les Miserables, 2. Defying Gravity – Wicked, 3. Giants in the Sky – Into The Woods, 4. I Hope That You Burn – Hamilton, 5. The Color Purple – The Color Purple (purple), 6 . Legally Blonde – Legally Blonde, 7.The Color of Despair – Les Miserables, 8. Popular Pink – Wicked (pink, 9. Somewhere that’s Green – Little Shop of Horrors, 10.The Music of the NIght – Phantom of the Opera, 11. Something Rotten – Something Rotten, and 12. Gypsy Rose – Gypsy.

These Hamilton Musical Parody Colors have names such as 1. Alexander Hamil-Tan (Tan/Gold), 2. Angelica (Pink), 3. Elize (Light Blue), And 4. Peggy (Yellow), 5. Burr’ple (Purple), 6. I Hope That You Burn (Orange), 7. Your Daddy’s Got Money (Green), 8. Blue Us All Away (Dark Blue), 9. Guns & Ships (Brown), 10. Redcoats Redder (Red), 11. It’s Quiet Uptown (Black), and 12. Maroon Where It Happens (Maroon).

Who doesn’t want a little extra sparkle in their life?  Unlike glitter, these sparkles will stay where you put them.  The Metallic FX Crayons is a 16 pack of metallic crayons, sure to add just the right amount of sparkle to your artwork.  They also work great on black paper.


Colored Pencils

Do you love the musical Wicked?  These Broadway Musical Parody Colors are sure to inspire with colors labeled 1. Defying Gravity Green, 2. Nessa-Rose, 3. Fiyellow, 4. Purpular, 5. Unadulterated Loathing, 6. Dancing Blue Life, 7. Emerald City, 8. Ozdust, 9. Dear Gold Shiz, 10. One Short Grey, 11. This Year’s Pink, 12. A Sentimental Tan.

Maybe you’re a bit more dramatic and prefer the Broadway musical themed colors from Les Mis such as 1. Tantine (Tan), 2. Rosette (Pink), 3. Blue4601 (Light Blue), 4. Mustard Of The House (Yellow), 5. Do You Hear The Purple Sing (Purple), 6. Oranjolras (Orange), 7. Javerte (Light Green), 8. Blue Us All Away (Dark Blue), 9. Look Brown, Look Brown (Brown), 10. Blood Of Angry Men (Red), 11. Color Of Despair (Black), and 2. Green Him Home (Dark Green).

  • My all time favorite colored pencils, though, are the Koh-I-Noor Progresso Woodless Colored Pencils.  They come in a set of 24 and are amazing for shading because of the rich, pigmented, solid color encased in lacquer.  In fact, they have five times the color as wood-cased pencils.  They provide excellent laydown properties for layering and blending without waxy buildup, create dense, even strokes without the use of heavy pressure, and maintain excellent light permanency, producing vibrant, durable pieces of art.


Once you’ve got the perfect colored pencils you love, it’s time to get them organized.

  • One option is this handy TraveT Handy Wareable Oxford Pencil Bag.  It has 72 slots organized into 4 zippered sections for your pencils.  It comes in black, blue, orange, purple, and rose red.

  • Another storage option is the Canvas Pencil Roll Organizer by BTSKY  has 108 slots for organizing your coloredpencils (fits standard pencils size or slightly larger), gel pens, and markers, and even art paint brushes perfectly.  It is constructed of high quality oxford, with well-done stitching; the excellent craftsmanship is built to last for years. Simply slide the pencils into place and then roll it up to have a nice secure way to store your colored pencils.  It’s the perfect travel accessory, providing a perfect way to store and transport your pens and pencils with style and class.  It comes in Bohemian, Elephant, Lovely Animals, Maple Leaf, Red Tree, and Rose Clock.

    Colored Pencil Course 

    The Colored Pencil Course is a comprehensive learning experience that includes hours of instruction and 21 illustrated e-books designed to guide beginners and intermediate artists to a level of producing professional quality colored pencil drawings through concise and “easy to digest” modules that include HD videos and e-books.    If interested, Click Here!


Artist’s Choice 72 Pack Watercolor Pencils with Paintbrush

Even if you’ve never used watercolors, these watercolor pencils are simple to use and add another level of depth to your coloring.  Simply color in your design and gently go over it with a damp cotton swab (or the included paintbrush), and wow!  I had never used watercolor pencils before, and I felt like a bonafide artist!

Pastel Chalk

Another artistic option is to use pastels, which in this case is colored chalk.  These are easy to use, and you can use your fingers to smooth and blend the colors.  I didn’t have any prior experience with pastels (other than in a high school art class many, many years ago) and found them to be fun and relaxing to use.

Adult Coloring Books

Aside from the stress relief factor, perhaps the coolest thing about finding an adult coloring book you like is that you can frame the artwork when you’re done!  Here are a few theatrical coloring books that you might enjoy.

Ever since Hamilton hit Broadway, we just can’t get enough of the soundtrack!  The Hamilton Coloring Book is the perfect gift for the young, scrappy, and hungry Hamilton fan.  It has 64 exclusive images, each printed on a separate sheet (8.5” x 11”) to avoid bleed through!

While the Disney Dreams Collection Coloring Book isn’t necessarily theatre, the selection of Thomas Kinkade artwork for each coloring page is simply amazing!  It has 128 pages with 63 illustrations for you to color.

The Color Me Broadway coloring book is wonderful for kids of all ages,  featuring scenes from classic Broadway Musicals.  It contains 48 pages  and measures 8.5″ x 11″.

In Conclusion

I hope that you’ve found some inspiration for relaxing and reducing stress.  For more stress relieving ideas, check out Stress Relief: Exercise. Until next time, happy coloring!

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