Crown & Fez Tutorial


Many plays and/or costumes call for a crown or fez.  Thankfully, there’s an easy, inexpensive solution for making your own.


  • butter, sour cream, ice cream or any other round bowl of the size you need (minus the lid)
  • twine or yarn
  • stick of chalk
  • Fabric (1/2 yard)
  • Gold Braid (for crown)
  • Hot glue
  • Faux fur (for crown only)
  • Optional:
    • A Tassel & button (for fez)
    • Pipe cleaner (for crown)


Measure a piece of string from the bottom center of your bowl, up the side, and two inches into the bowl.  You’ll want to tie a piece of chalk on one end of the string, so leave enough allowance to tie the chalk on before cutting.  Then fasten the free end of string to the center of your fabric either with a safety pin, by stitching it in place, or by pinning it down to a surface (ex. workbench, cork bulletin board).  Pull your string taught and draw a circle. It’s important to keep your string taught and chalk perpendicular to the fabric as you do so. Now cut out your circle along your chalk line  *HINT: You can cut out a circle of batting using your circle of fabric as the template, although you’ll want the circle of batting to be slightly smaller for when you attach it. The batting will give your fez or crown a softer look.



Set the bowl in the center of your fabric (and the batting if you choose to use it). If you’re using batting, tuck the lip of the batting inside the bowl and hot glue into place.  Then do the same with the fabric, securing it snugly with hot glue.




Cut a 2″ strip of faux fur long enough to wrap around your bowl and overlap just a bit to hide your seam.  Secure the trim into place with hot glue.  Then attach gold braid with hot glue just above the fur trim. If you want, you can also decorate with jewels or pipe cleaners, although it looks perfectly fine with just the braid.  I chose to wrap gold pipe cleaners around a pencil to give it some dimension.  When I slipped it off of the pencil, I stretched it out slightly and then attached with hot glue.  It took four pipe cleaners to go all the way around my crown; it will vary depending on the size of your bowl.  For a fez that I created, I sewed a tassel to the top center and added a button to finish it off.



This is a quick and simple technique for making a crown or fez.  The style of the crown is limited only by your imagination and how much time that you have to put into it.  I kept mine simple since I had so many other projects going on at the time.   I also created a cape to match my crown using the same fabric and fur trim, however you can also find them inexpensively online as shown in the link posted below.

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